“Sunday School…Who Cares?” Tract

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In the world today, the interest in Sunday school seems to be at an all-time low. But, does that mean that Sunday school is no longer important? Certainly not! Sunday school is as important and relevant today as ever and this little tract gives the reader many of the reasons why it is still very important. The tracts looks at the history of Sunday school and the relevance of Sunday school today as it shows a variety of reasons why everyone should care about Sunday school. 




Sunday school? Who cares about Sunday school anymore?


I was going to tell you a little about Sunday school and invite you to "Meet Me In Sunday School," but I know you wouold probably just say, "Who cares about Sunday school?"


WHO CARES that back in 1780 a man named Robert Raikes was concerned about the gangs of unsupervised youth that roamed the streets of Gloucester, England?


WHO CARES that this young printer established classes to teach these uneducated youth the "3-R's" and the Bible? And WHO CARES that within a few years these classes had become so successful that they had been established in almost every town and village in England? These early classes grew into what we know as Sunday school, but then, WHO CARES?


WHO CARES that the Sunday school was instrumental in bringing the Word of God to the frontiers of America? WHO CARES that groups such as the American Sunday School Union established thousands of Sunday schools throughout the Colonies and into the West? And, WHO CARES that many of these Sunday schools grew into churches - churches that were, in many cases, the only Christian influence in these wild frontier areas? But then, again, WHO CARES?


WHO CARES that many great Americans have been dedicated to the word of Christ through the Sunday school and have testified to the great influence of the Sunday school in their lives? Men such as Francis Scott Key, Daniel Webster, John Wanamaker, Henry J. Heinz and many others. H. J. Heinz, for example, wrote, "To me, the Sunday school has paid the greatest possible divident, second only to that of a godly mother." WHO CARES?


And WHO CARES that men, women, children and youth continue to find help and strength through the study of God's Word, the Bible, in Sunday schools of today and that lives continue to be changed by the grace of God through the work of the Sunday school? The lives of people just like you!


WHO CARES? Well, for one thing, people who are a part of Sunday school care!


SUNDAY SCHOOLS ARE PEOPLE WHO CARE! They care about each other. They care about the communities in which they live. They care about the world. And, they especially care about YOU, whoever you are! They care because they know the joy, strength, peace and love to be found within the pages of God's Word, the Bible, and they want everyone to find this same treasure for their own lives. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path..." (Psalm 119:105)


Sunday schools are people who care about your relationship with God and want to help you find Him as your own personal Lord and Savior, and they want to help you grow in Him and His love.


WHO CARES that Sunday schools are over 225 years old? YOU SHOULD CARE! Not simply because of the past history of Sunday school, but because that glorious history is the foundation of the Sunday schools of today - Sunday schools that care about YOU! So, won't you...



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“Sunday School…Who Cares?” Tract

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