“The Missing”  (Reaching & Teaching Young AdultsThrough The 21st Century Church)

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This book is designed to help churches reach and teach young adults. This book looks at what today's young adults - age 18 to 30 - are really like and what they are looking for in a church. It also looks at the 12 basic elements that are involved in successful young adult ministry and a variety of programs through which these elements are being combined to reach and teach the young adults in churches across the nation. The book was written by P.S.S.S.A. Executive Director, Rodney Pry, following extensive research and consultations with churches that have successful young adult ministries and many actual young adults. The book contains 116 pages and is spiral bound. The forward to the book was written by Pastor Michael Burns, founder of "Burned By God," a youth and young adult ministry. 

“The Missing” Book

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