“There’s A Friend Waiting For You In Sunday School” Tract

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One of the important reasons for attending Sunday school is the opportunities for friendship and fellowship that exist. We all need friends and certainly it's important to develop close, supportive relationships with other Christians in Sunday school. But, there's also another friend that is waiting for you in Sunday school - Jesus Christ! This little tract talks about the importance of friendships and the fact that Jesus is the very best friend that any person of any age could possibly have.




What is a friend? The dictionary says that it is "a person who knows and likes another; one who favors and supports someone."


We all need friends! We all need other persons who know us, like us, favor us and support us. But, where can you find a friend in today's world?


In today's busy and hectic world, many people look for friends in places like the internet chatrooms, clubs and bars, but are these really the places where we should be looking for real friends?


One of the best places to look for new friends is in Sunday school. The people that you meet in Sunday school and at other church related activities are good, loving and caring people who can become true friends to those who are genuinely looking for a close, supportive relationship with others.


Why would the people in Sunday school be interested in being your friend? First of all, they have found the truest friend of all, Jesus, and want to follow his example of being loving, caring and supportive of others. And, they also believe the words of His "Great Commandment" in Mark 12:30, where they are told that they should "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all you strength. ...(and) Love your neighbor as you love yourself."


Jesus is truly the very best friend that anyone could ever have. In Him we find strength, hope, love, comfort, support and much, much more. In fact, Jesus Christ was willing to leave the comforts of heaven and come to this earth to live as a human. But, His life is not just about being a human or about His life and ministry. No, the most important aspect of His life is that He was willing to give His life on the cross - for YOU.


He was willing to take your place and die as a sacrifice in YOUR place. And, through His life, death and resurrection, He made it possible for every person - YOU - to have the hope of savation and eternal life, if YOU will only believe in Him and ask Him into YOUR heart.


Jesus Christ is, indeed, the truest friend you could ever find! So, please, read your Bible to learn more about Him and then come to Sunday school this week and every week. There are friends waiting for you in Sunday school. There are Sunday schoo people waiting to be your friends. And, Jesus Christ is waiting to be your ultimate friend!


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“There’s A Friend Waiting For You In Sunday School” Tract

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