“Who Am I?” Bible Quiz Challenge Game
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We are proud to offer our "WHO AM I? Bible Quiz Challenge" game. The game includes over 150 different cards that each contain clues to the identity of a person from the Bible. Each card contains four different clues to the person's identity, starting with a rather difficult clue and moving to a very easy clue. As the clues get easier, the number of points received for correctly guessing the person's identity decrease. Each card also contains scripture references that can be used with a Bible search or for additional study about each of the persons. The game has been designed to be both fun and educational, and it can be played with just two persons, a family, a Sunday school class or even a large group of people. The game is suggested for persons age 10 and older. The "WHO AM I? Bible Quiz Challenge" game includes 154 laminated cards and a sturdy storage box.

“Who Am I?” Bible Quiz Challenge Game

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